Origami Flower fold – 7 ideas with folding instructions for popular flowers

If you want to make a nice spring decoration of paper or simply make some paper flowers with the children, the Origami folding art offers a variety of ideas. From simple tulips to more complicated rose blossoms, everything can only be done with a little paper and a good folding instruction. If you want to fold a pretty Origami flower yourself, then you are right here! In this article, you will find wonderful ideas for some of the most popular paper flowers, as well as the related folding instructions. Let yourself be inspired and try the popular folding art itself.

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The eternally fresh origami flowers are a beautiful decoration both for the home, as well as for various gifts. This allows you to arrange beautiful bouquets, make pretty garlands, and enhance any simple gift wrapping. The flowers freshen up every room and create beautiful accents. For folding, you can use both original Origami paper and conventional printing paper to achieve good results. With a little bit of patience and a bit of fingertip feeling, you can fold very special paper flowers and create an original decoration for your home.

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Our first project is a beautiful paper flower consisting of five or six glued petals. In our example, the petals are five. For crafting such a flower, you need five square sheets of paper that are equal in size, as well as some clay. You can use both white and coloured paper. First cut the paper and fold diagonally. Then place the resulting triangles with the right-angled tip upwards. Now take the left and right tips and fold them towards the centre and top tip. Now fold the resulting triangle downwards in the middle, as the instruction in step 4 shows.

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