Original bathroom sink for kids

Design and remodel the bathroom of the boys is not an easy task and we have to consider their tastes and preferences. Before designing should consult with them and then you can start preparing the decor theme. You must select the colors and accessories to match the chosen motif. In the houses of decoration and Internet surfing can get variety of products for the boys’ bathroom. You will be surprised the amount of accessories for bathrooms children that are on the market, whatever the topic you’ve chosen.


The Italian company Meridiana created a fun pool for children with a design very bold, from which you can design or remodel the bathroom small. These particular pools, christened with the name of Latino Orizzonte have the shape and appearance of a soccer ball and combine different colors. Following the theme of this original pool, you can decorate the rest of the room with football theme, or the colors you’ve chosen to combine.To decorate a kids bathroom must follow some simple guidelines that today I will try to explain with a series of photos that illustrate perfectly.

The first one refers to the color. To differentiate adult bath possibly one child the proper use of color is the key. The necessary elements of both are always the same, but introduce large doses of color, as in this case where multicolor stripes were applied on the left free wall of the socket and serving storage shelves defines a single your character look childish.

The remaining shelf beside the tub and save commonly used objects in this bathroom has been painted different colors in each of its “cells”. The effect is very happy and seems a good idea to apply even on the shelf of any kids bedroom.

Aseguraranos that the little ones can access the bathroom without our help also seems important. With a simple bench, wooden or get further step that we need not go to help for the toilet.  In this bath with air crew, the stage can be left wooden worktop kept under sinks when not used. The top oil treated wood houses two sinks, so that these are slightly ruffled, enabling children to access them directly.

Finally look to the style of your bathroom decorative lines follow the rest of the house, or at least in the area of children. The bathroom we see in the photos above has a cozy air retro.Con large sink and multiple taps can be used for three kids at the same time. The detail of the front of the sink towel ensures they will always have your towel handy.If the decor of our home is a more functional and modern this photograph is a good example of the same use for several children at once, but with current accessories and colors. The wooden bench has been replaced by a plastic functional sidewalks instead of the more classic has chosen turquoise green energy.

bathroom sink for kids

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