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We find different alternatives in the market of furniture, furniture melamine, wood or iron, among other options. designs for those who prefer unconventional , we have furniture made ​​with cork as the main material. ‘s a good choice for households with the incorporate appropriate decoration for chairs, armchairs and small tables made ​​with cork. Cork is a material that can suit rustic apartments and houses decorated versatile, modern and rustic. Consider also used for furniture, on other occasions we have used the developing cork walls, floors, lamps and other home accessories. furniture that we present this truly is a work of art, and aims to highlight the simplicity, feelings and closeness to nature which provides this material.

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The cork is present in the furniture which incidentally are strong and good durability guarantee as to be combined with a solid wood base are not a weak element, on the contrary, are resistant to everyday use. components cork allow us to adapt to environments of hot and cold weather, with excellent results. In the example of the image have a modern decor that combining with cork small tables set up a very interesting and original style. features cork It is an element of nature that offers versatility when creating furniture. It also adapts very well to create products or other decorative objects and even sometimes replace the use of plastic, which is not a good choice, because it is not biodegradable. ‘s cork comes from the bark of the cork. When removing the cork does not harm the tree and the bark is regenerated. Large cork southern Europe and North Africa are the largest cork producers worldwide.

The world’s largest producer of cork, Portugal, banish the image of this material only serves to cover bottles and commitment to leverage its many properties in creating a furniture industry and sustainable design
Portuguese design has made this natural element pieces never suspected, as chairs, bathtubs or dolls, under the label of ecology and with the competitive advantage to produce nearly half the world’s cork, according to APCOR (Portuguese Cork Association ).

The search for new solutions to this production finds its origin in the crisis suffered by the industry in the late nineties, when sales fell sharply bottle corks for other cheaper materials like plastic.

This was the time when the industry realized that they could take advantage of another rising concept, that of ecology, mix design and rely on them to revive the market, explained to Efe Ana Mestre, founder of Corque, company dedicated to the design of furniture of this material since 2009.

Emptying the cork every nine years without damaging the tree, you get a material that is almost fully utilized and, with proper innovation to its own processing can be one hundred percent organic, according to these same sources. This research for ‘the development of improved processes and materials’ is one of the legs on which are held Corque Design furniture, and what differentiates them from their competitors, according to Mestre.

Thus, the application of steam at the areas that form the seat modular ‘Lagarta’ (caterpillar in Portuguese) were able to expand the bark, so that less raw material is required to manufacture, while the color may vary without other products.With a fully Portuguese production line, their design concepts are tested on the international art circuit rather than commercial.

They have good reception in countries where the cork “is perceived as exotic” and therefore more valued, such as the Scandinavian “design fans and the naturalness of the product”, or the United States, which is “the most immediate growth market.” But Mestre recognizes that the economic crisis has hindered them, but thinks “it’s a success because the project is not dead,” he explains.

International recognition is not limited to this company, but lusos other small producers have received awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, established in 2008 by Simple Forms Design company, offering sink or bird cages made of cork. The Portuguese cork so proud that he covered with his building in the Shanghai Expo 2010, which conquered artists like Ai WeiWei.

Beside him, the architects Herzog & de Meuron built in 2012, with this material, the pavilion commissioned by the prestigious Serpentine Gallery in London. ‘The clear market support’ for these products led to the Portuguese company Amorim, world leader in the industry from the bark of cork oak, to launch its first collection of ‘designer’ home, Matter.

The four areas of production of this concept ‘does not generate the same benefits’ that the construction or stoppers, which account for 60% of the business.But they offer ‘new tracks for the application of cork in sectors that  traditionally did not use’. ‘Will be essential to ensure the future of Amorim and industry’, said spokesmen for the company, for whom these products also help strengthen the sustainability of the ecosystem of oak and bear the name of Portugal for the world.


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