Original Knobs for furniture

If you’re tired of your furniture handles and want to put a little personality to them, you’re in luck, and that is that there are plenty of options on the market with which we have to give a new touch to the comfortable or the table at night you’ve committed repaint.
Cupboard Knobs

Depending on the space in which we place the furniture and the decoration that prevails in it, we can choose one or the other. There are a variety of colors and shapes in stores.If on the other hand, looking for something more original manual, there are many ideas for the network that will help us get a much more personal furniture. For example, we dedicate ourselves to pick up small logs, the same thickness and length, sanded and barnizarlos and place them on the fronts of the drawers. The result has a very rustic touch.

Another option is to use these drawers to make a hole in his forehead and casting a thick piece of straw or similar material. The result will also be the most original.

We can just take our old shooters with colorful beads, creating a completely different furniture with new colors and more striking.

One option that we found most interesting is to use bottle corks to create handles. Undoubtedly the perfect complement to the furniture of wine lovers.

Finally, we can also opt for a somewhat more complex technique but with spectacular results and very original. It’s about taking small bulbs completely fill cement. In this way lose some of its fragility and can open and close the drawers smoothly.


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