Original paintings for your home

Interior decorating does not have to be expensive and much less complicated. Therefore I propose to do original paintings for your home and decorate it easily.  ahead and make your own designs! Advances to the next page for the materials you will need and the 6 steps.

Colorful paintings for your home

I must admit that I am a lover of vivid colors used in the decor. There is nothing I dislike more than a room of pastels.

Luckily, at least for me, every time they are using more colors in different home decorations. interesting thing is that it is not necessary to paint an entire wall of a loud color, just use the colors in decorative objects, your room and will look different.

To achieve this we propose to create these simple pictures made ​​with planks of wood and decorated with decorative papers. A great alternative if you do not get wooden boards is to use cardboard pizza boxes. Shall also be great!

Decorative paper or photos to your liking
Glue Spray
Step by Step:

All you have to do is cut the paper the same size as your table. Paint the edges of a color in keeping with the paper and once dry, apply glue to the back of the paper and paste it on the front of the table. So simple you ready pictures ready to hang.
Performs varied pictures, playing with different designs and colors.

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