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This summer, playing to illuminate your home. The lamps are great decorative items that bring warmth and personality to any corner, even outside.With the arrival of warm weather, and increasingly warmer temperatures, it is very tempting to turn our garden into a chill out, our balcony into a paradise or decorate our terrace in true Ibiza style.


Just ally with the more intimate and chic decor and bring a touch of imagination to transform an outdoor space in the new gathering. The outdoor lighting helps to create spaces with charm and personality. Why it is so important to pay equal attention to light if it were an interior room.

If you’re thinking illuminate the garden, terrace or balcony is important to consider what type of lighting you use. The lighting can be decorative or functional but it is always better to play with different points of light to create different environments depending on the time or situation.

The exterior decorative lighting , and detail can be. This type of lights illuminate certain points allow the garden and give it a more chic. However, we must pay close attention to the placement of outdoor lights . You have to guide them to the ground or direct them to the space you want to illuminate .

If you want to save, commitment to solar charging lights . They need about eight hours of sunlight to charge and at night see how it illuminates your outdoor area without spending. It is an alternative to traditional torches. The lanterns and colorful garlands are not only fair requirement, are an original way to add color and light outside.


The high temperatures are during the day in summer many times have we only use the outside of our home when night falls. Therefore, having well lit our garden or terrace is an important point to consider. If you have a small porch, the best solution is to install a lamp on the ceiling , which illuminate the area evenly. For example, you can decant some of these simple easy to install lamps. Also, locate the points of light on the wall is another good idea. How to install any of these beautiful bulbs that mimic lanterns and create a perfect atmosphere for your evening gatherings. Do not miss the sections of outdoor furniture and outdoor textiles from Ikea. How you have lit exteriors of your house?

Lunch or dinner on the terrace is a pleasure that we should not give up if you have some space. The growing trends focus more on finding new solutions for small spaces that suit small balconies or patios.

Overall we can talk about the introduction of new materials, extendable tables , fluorescent colors in the details and personalization of spaces … Here are five ideas to bring about the dining room for the summer.

1. Dining with new materials
The wood still remains the most widely used material outdoors. Be careful with moisture, water and dispose of teak oil in the early and late season. These disadvantages have made ​​you go giving way to more practical and resistant materials such as synthetic.
Some design firms as VONDOM bet on tables and chairs made entirely with plastic art that are more malleable and no maintenance.

Two. Pergolas, umbrellas and awnings
The sun can be very annoying during the meal. The first thing to consider is the space available and what area is more sheltered from the sun. From there we can study what mechanisms we use to protect it.
If we have plenty of room the best option is a pergola that defines the dining area, a terrace if we can go for a canopy, while if do not have much space an umbrella is the most practical option for cubrirno and able to move smoothly.

Three. The centerpieces
As noted at the beginning of report customization and decoration of these spaces is becoming increasingly important. Some details like fresh flowers, vases or candles of various colors can make to have a centerpiece made ​​easy.




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