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Outside awnings: useful in winter, summer essential.Outside awnings must be able to perform the dual function of aesthetics and shelter from the sun. In the choice of the curtain to be placed in a terrace, balcony or garden, it is essential to consider the aesthetics of the building, in order to obtain a result as more balanced and harmonious as possible.


Also, you must remember that the purpose of a tent outside is never to completely shield or obscure the sun, but to filter the light in order to obtain optimum brightness is why it is recommended to choose fabrics that are too candid (a light would filter color blind people) or too dark (the result would be rather dull).

There are buildings, such as apartment buildings, where it is necessary to adapt to the aesthetics of the building and its architectural style, and not to spoil the overall aesthetics, it is necessary to adopt a specific type of curtain and fabric.

In all other cases, where there are limitations of another kind, it is possible to indulge both in the choice of the forms that the fabrics and colors. There are many different types of outdoor tent, with different mechanical and methods of use: curtains tours, to side arms, tunnels, canopies and domes. They are part of the awning umbrellas and gazebos, independent systems that do not require any anchor buildings.

In speaking of the awning must also consider all those tents that apply outside the windows: the case of elegant organza curtains or blinds practices that, on very sunny, sheltered from the sun giving warm electric lighting. Even the verandas can offer interesting ideas for the application of a tent outside: covering the glass veranda with a blind or a curtain with a package you can turn the front porch in a real environment to live, a small living room or little garden to take advantage of the winter.

As for fabrics, cotton has made the boss for a long time. But its poor resistance to UV rays and moisture have prompted manufacturers to abandon it tends to take on new roads. The choice is then fall on synthetic fibers, such as polyester, polypropylene, acrylic fiber and the tele microperforate.

The polyester fabric is very durable, which is widely used in clothing. If used outdoors does not have a long life, as it is sensitive to UV radiation and should be replaced occasionally.Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber cheaper, but also deteriorates under the action of UV rays, suffering considerable damage in terms of color. At the aesthetic level a tent polypropylene proves to be a bit ‘stiff.

The acrylic fiber is an excellent fabric for outdoor blinds, because of its high insulating properties and resistance of colors, which do not form a surface patina, but the soak. The paintings are paintings microperforate particular, resulting from a unique combination of synthetic fibers and fabrics. The canvases microperforate are used widely for vertical blinds or porches.As for the hygiene of external blinds, they should be dusted with a soft brush, gently washed with soapy water and rinse thoroughly.


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