Paint Kids Bedroom as Garden Background

in collaboration we propose how to paint the room of your children to turn it into a garden full of flowers and animals. The following indications sull’occorrente necessary and the procedure for painting. Make sure you see the photo gallery with pictures of themed stickers and instructions to apply them!


Breathable water paint. By heaven: 2 coats of about 20 square meters of wall (we used CAPAROL brand, color: COELIN 85-L85-C14-H230). To the hills: 2 coats of about 25 square meters of wall (brand CAPAROL, color: HERBA 55-L90-C35-H115)
A roller with extension
One or more edges brushes
Scotch paper
Grid for the school roll
Large bucket for the roller and bucket small for the brush
Stick to dilute colors (if they are not ready to use)
Cellophane or sheets of newspaper to cover the floor
Specific adhesives for wall decoration purchased


Cover with the masking tape the baseboards, the door, the plaques.
To protect the floor with cellophane, cartoon old sheets or
Fill the holes in the wall, after first deleting any screws and plugs in them.
If there are shelves slide them off and leave the structure below, or, if this is not possible, repair them with Scotch tape and cellophane to avoid dirty them.

Use a pencil to draw the rounded shapes of the hills, making the curves of different sizes to give a more natural look.
Prepare the paint colors: mix the paint with water as per package directions.
Begin to paint the top: with the small brush and blue paint the areas where you can not use the roller (upper edge, the edge of the outlines of the hills, corners, spaces around brackets, switches, and ports around the edges) .
With the roller finish painting the sky. Always make regular movements, from top to bottom.
Prepare the green and start with the brush parts on the edges, corners and around the plaques.
Terminate the green with the roller, using the bucket bigger.
Wait a few hours and then apply a second coat of paint.
Before attaching the stickers, the wall must be perfectly dry. This depends on environmental conditions (season, temperature …). A couple of weeks should be sufficient.

When the paint is dry, attach the stickers to the wall temporarily with masking tape to find the provision that most impresses you. If on a sheet there are more subjects, you should separate them with scissors. The stickers do not have white borders and are already perfectly cut, designed to look like on the wall.
Once chosen as move, remove stickers from the backing paper and apply it to the wall with the sticky side facing the surface to be decorated.
Switch firmly pushing the spatula from the center toward the edges.
Carefully pull the paper application by pulling at an angle of 180 °.
Review the spatula to adhere completely stickers.



kids wall stickers-aliens




zoo friends room-cat