Paint the walls with rustic effect

They are increasingly popular decorating styles based on typical village houses that transport us to the English countryside or Italian Tuscany, among other idyllic places. And although you can get very good results by the type of furniture we use and the colors that predominate in the room, often lack the touch of the walls. Therefore, we will teach you to paint the walls with rustic effect.


Painting: paintings there that will give us this result only applying it to the wall.
Colors: browns, earth tones and grays are the most appropriate to achieve that rustic look of the people.
Finishes: of us depend on the finish has more or less imperfections to imitate the texture of a stone wall.
If we have a house in the countryside, this rustic effect provide a unique and original home decor.
Special paint
The first thing you have to do is choose the method that we use to give our home a touch rustic so characteristic of traditional houses. We can choose to buy a special paint, which alone provides the finish, or, on the contrary, we can create ourselves rustic effect on the walls, no matter that we have chosen painting.
If we have chosen the first case, we have to make sure that the role of this painting is what we really want. Normally, apart from painting proper, will also including a decorative wax to improve the result. We should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, but in most cases only apply paint simply and then give one or two coats of wax decorative, depending on whether you have been to our liking or not.

Create the effect ourselves
On the other hand, if you prefer to create a rustic effect on the walls of a more traditional, there is a method which, although it may seem a little unconventional, create truly amazing results. It consists of wrinkling sheets of newspaper and soak in glue to then place them on the wall to dry. Once the glue is dry, we will paint the entire surface to obtain results very similar to the stone walls of the people.
The advantage of this technique is that we can customize to our liking imperfections putting more or less amount of paper while the paint is less controllable rustic effect the end result.

rustic walls effect




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