Paint walls with rags

Surely more than once we’ve felt change the color of the walls of our house, but not always see them with a solid color we have not launched to change. And if we do otherwise? Paint the walls with rags!

washing paint rags

Color: we can choose one or two colors to paint our walls with this technique of painting with rags.
Gloves: it is important that we put gloves to avoid getting covered in paint.
Stress: with this technique, in addition to getting an original marbled eliminate stress and enjoy ourselves.

The walls perfectly painted are the standard pattern in most homes, so if we want to give our home a twist and also want to have fun while we do it, we can paint the walls with rags and enjoy new graphics made ​​by us same.

Items for painting walls with rags
-A clean cloth
-A cotton cloth
-A large bucket, two if we use more than one color
Painting one or two tones

paint thinner rags fire

A bumps into walls
The first thing you have to do is pass a clean, dry cloth over the entire surface of the walls you want to paint to remove dust that could have, because, of course, the walls also have dust.

We’ll buy the paint that we like, we can use one or two colors , depending on what the outcome we want, and we’ll take in a large bowl. If we are to use two tones need two buckets.

We will get some gloves to avoid getting covered in paint and we’ll enter the cotton cloth in the bucket. We will draw, we will remove the excess paint and begin to give small bumps against the wall in the direction and with the pattern that we like. Rag painting will serve to give four or five shots, then have to return it back into the bucket with paint.

paint with rags

If you’re going to use two colors , we paint the entire wall to shock with a tone and this, repeat the operation with the second tone in some places both colors combined.

What you get with this technique will be a very original marbled walls and that will give you a flashy and fun to decorate our home touch.

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