Paint your walls with the colors of summer

Valentine Bruguer and palettes propose you happy for these months. Select them carefully to not be tired early .

On more than one occasion we have dedicated our space to trends in colors for the walls, to the choice of colors and the ability to paint in summer . In effect it is an excellent time because the heat simplifies everything that has to do with painting.
It is true that the XXI century paintings are fast drying and leave little odor. But things much easier (and humor, no doubt) being able to sleep at home the same day it changes color.
Yes, we must keep in mind that summer is a time of optimism pervades the spirit. And bright and vivid colors seem indispensable in our house: it is not unusual tableware and even l home to clothing is more colorful than over the cold winter months.
So it is a good time to choose color.Do not abandon us and taste the sadness almost exclusive winter neutral tones. Although we should not get carried away by the intense colors of summer.  It is possible that red irresistible us now, in a few months we alter the nerves and, of course, we get tired.

yellow paint

With the idea to help you choose the right shades, not too dull or too intense paintings firms offer new colors at this time.Bruguer has launched a full range of colors under the name of Colors of the World, inspired in 12 exotic destinations. To travel through the colors of your home.
Each of these destinations among which is Kenya, India, Egypt, the Sahara offers three shades of the same color to match, thus producing a harmonic proposal.  And while the Color Contrast color makes a recommendation that contrasts with those tones.

Meanwhile, Valentine offers a color for each month of the year in its “1 months, 1 color, 1 inspiration.In June, the house wears pink ‘Carmine’. Recommended for decorating small areas, can be used, for example, to paint one of the walls of the kitchen and combine it with gray and white details, resulting in a modern and Current.
In July, recommended Valentie blue ‘Space’. Because remember the Mediterranean, the sun, the beach and the magical light of the islands. Combined with white can achieve an ideal setting for a most refreshing summer …

Valentine paint
August comes on the heels of the red “Purple”.And since the signing of paints we recommend that we decorate with that color the office or work area: is inspiring, transmits energy.The one that we need to start the course again after the holidays.