Paletto’s Furnature recycled more than wood

When I spoke to Pep’s Furnature Paletto said I will more about him and his way of working. After reading the words I wrote, I asked permission to post them as I sent them and here they are:
” I came to this world by a series of circumstances that led me on wings just where I wanted to go. I dream of ourselves to certain things in life that seem impossible, but they are not. And when the universe begins to conspire to reach those dreams causing us to lose the job, rompiĆ©ndonos schemes on our passions (in my case carpentry) and disrupting our lives to accommodate us in this new reality, we often complain and curse the target, we ask,

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“Why us?” . At this moment we do not perceive the need for such changes. I not we lived my transformation, I just watched the changes and assume that would be for the better, I got carried away without letting me pollute the apparent chaos by outside noise crisis , and I held strong to float my dreams with my wife and newborn son, Roc. Now I am sure that all these changes happened because I, a thousand times before, had dreamed pursue my passion while working as an employee .

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My patterns on woodworking broke when he was still an employee, on my honeymoon, watching eagles before me in the Grand Canyon … there I decided I had to change radically.’m back to no longer use freshly cut wood not come from a forest fire or a felling for safety. then lost my job and invested everything he had, time and money in making my vocation own business. I became autonomous and capitalize unemployment. As lost money, earning the pleasure of creation and the satisfaction of making something beautiful in a sustainable way. It is a pleasure to see that people like what you create. My clients have always valued my work and brought me clients …

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Now I wake up almost every morning with a new design on the head. few of the pallets, cable drums, planks for scaffolding or boxes that I find, I inspire new projects themselves. And always try the final cabinet transmit the source of its material , in my furniture pallet the protagonist is the pallet or box spring or whatever … never furniture own want the whole world to see at home those woods alone saw as waste and who feel they have collaborated with care. the environment.

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honor those trees That putting a table formwork boards in your living room, giving those woods that contributed to the construction of their houses, a rightful place in the center of your home. Sometimes people look at me askance at me dirty in a work, loading old timbers in a van, do not know how clean I have the soul until they see me with shirt, selling a lovely table out of the same timber. likes to believe that they realize that same . moment we throw away more than necessary My red and some sleepless nights have paid off, now I receive support from those who appreciate my work,. than that as, literally and spiritually I recycle, yes, I recycled my life whole …
You will agree with me that these units have more than wood. They carry the soul and feeling of who designs and works.

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