Pallet Armchair

The decor is very trendy pallets. Now it’s easy to decorate our home for ourselves and a very cheap price and without too complicate. Build yourself a pallet chair for your living room or garden and you’ll love the new original decor and customized for your home.

A sofa cheaply
If you are thinking of getting independent, or want to change the decor but do not have much budget, the idea of decorating with pallets can be your salvation. The coffee table looks great with a pallet and a glass top, and you can also create your own armchair with pallets.
It’s simple and easy: buy in any DIY store one or more pallets, or if you prefer to shop online from any internet. Also, you might find some in a container on the street. Then sand the pallet at home to get the effect that we like worn. If you want you can paint the wood a color, such as black, blue, green … and then think and design your own cushions!

Moreover, decorating your home with a chair pallet is a sustainable solution that allows us to recycle.
Room or living area
you can do it yourself or commission covers upholstery foam boards you buy and change the decor according to season and spending very little money.

buy outdoor furniture is a good investment. The materials to be in contact with the outdoors deteriorate, so it is best not to have expensive furniture and resistant materials in our garden or porch.
Main advantages:

Its price is very cheap, and if it gets wet by rain or too much sun gives not deteriorate much besides the best option is to varnish the wood to create a protective layer. You can make yourself a pallet or a chair and painted in various colors that you like.