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At present there are many decorative options that can be appreciated in the market due to a new style, and really great at home or in business, yet to come to light the new creation designed by the company to B & N is based in Burlingame, California, dating from 1975, is responsible for creating and designing systems and products for architecture and interior designs.

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This has launched a new way to decorate the home without using those boring decorative or painted white walls of home or business roles . These panels? Iconic? that offer a stunning and decorative touch to the walls of the house or premises through its carved patterns that are designed with varied shapes that depart from abstract shapes, flowers and birds, to sleek contemporary designs. these panels were created using a method very original molded laminate over carved wood which creates a sensational style .

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With these panels the walls of the house or office will have a very different feel attraction towards generating full view of the person, also offer greater strength and durability. These can be installed either by nailing, entornillándolos or using glue . These come in colored white, indicating that the person should only select the colors that go with the room. One can also add various accessories and be shelf, among others.

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