Paper lamps

With the economic situation increasingly problematic, fans and interior decoration we see them and we want to update our homes and make them the most stylish. And with little money you can get fantastic environments, something that I have taught Decorablog many times …¬† For example, with paper lanterns. Screens made with this material are super economical and allow us to decorate our ceilings designs full of elegance. The shops can be found in decorating and DIY centers, and also can also be customized easily.

The original lamps that appear on the first photo in this post are Varmluft Ikea model. A design that I, particularly, love: reminds me of the typical UFO and is excellent in its simplicity. Above, on the other hand, you can see a classic design that many shops have incorporated into their collections: can be found in cardboard or PVC and is most effective, aesthetically speaking. Such lamps usually come folded, and simply extend and adjust joints for great design.

How to make paper lamps
Have a lamp in your room out of tune and you’re thinking about changing it? Have you recently broken and you need a new one? It’s time: learning how to make paper lanterns easily and readily available materials. Valid for both hang from the ceiling to serve as table lamps.
Making our lamp

To make paper lamp need the following materials:
– A balloon
– Toilet paper or rice paper
– Cola mixed with equal parts water
– Wire
– Thick thread
– Folios (to make decorative shapes)

Inflate the balloon to the desired size for our lamp. Then cut the rice paper or toilet paper into small pieces and begin to glue them to balloon, evenly and covering all parts. We can help with a fine brush or a brush in this task. We will leave the bottom of the globe without cover, place reserved for the socket.While we wait for it to dry trim it several geometric shapes in folios and before applying the second coat, put them on our future lamp. When we’re done, these forms may be seen lounging attached.

After applying the second coat will exploit the balloon and then trim it down to either the left a circle. Will place the wire in rim and apply a little glue, then sewing it with heavy thread. With a little wire will make a three braided lines departing from there to finish in a smaller circumference (just the size of the lamp holder). Once we learned how to make our paper lanterns can make some with different designs to decorate different areas inside the house.

So simple is the proposal on how to make your own paper lanterns. Now you can make some to place in any room that needs it. You can use different colors to give a light touch multicrómica or use light colors or different combinations of the same hue. The possibilities are endless.
As I said at the beginning, the paper lanterns are very easy to customize. Course, you can paint or draw with markers and watercolors or hitting them decorate the surface of tissue paper silhouettes. The idea that you see in this picture and the next is great: lining paper screens ball shaped circles of tissue paper and double-sided tape. It’s easy: just paste each circle with a piece of tape to the screen, starting below and overlapping the pieces as if they were scales. Combining different colored light filled environments will succeed. Design lamps almost free!