Parquet or laminate? The real wood cover simply feels well

Wood is considered as the ecological building material with outstanding constructive and aesthetic qualities. Particularly the positive energy balance, the uniqueness of every trunk as well as the humidity adjustment belong to the natural preferences of the wood. In the floor covering market, the wood optics are reproduced since a lot of years artificially. Besides, wood Imitate like laminate or vinyl covers have become much more authentic during the last years. Nowadays some Replicas can be distinguished optically hardly-more from the wood original. However, on account of the visual performance of the artificially produced floor coverings, owners and female owners forget often the naturalness of the floor covering in the buying decision to include.
Even if they as look as, laminates and vinyl grounds are no real wooden floors and do not dispose of it also of their natural qualities. If you go without shoes about a real wood cover, they feel the difference immediately. The wood surface feels – also completely without under-floor heating – warmly and comfortably. Longing after this ” genuineness and sincerity ” adjusts itself with owners and female owners often when they inhabit the rooms for a longer period themselves.
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