Party Decoration in Moroccan boho style for future mothers

This idea for Partydeko in Moroccan boho style is really unique. It is original, exotic and somehow very universal, what is the taste. She would be told especially for baby showers and future mothers.

party deco floor pie tischdeko fresh flowers

Actually, the Partydeko ideas in Moroccan style which we now show you, by a single concept are combined. To realize them in all details, you would have to meet some important prerequisites.

party deco iced tea Moroccan tea set

Also, the speech will be down.

The village

The village at which you hold the Festival, would have to act openly and comfortably. For this are mostly the warm seasons apt. However, you could use this Partydeko in the winter as an inspiration.

party deco iced tea Moroccan tea set 1

What about the winter garden?

Also, the room should be necessarily well ventilated. The reason is that many of the traditions of the Moroccan baby parties with different odors are connected. You are while comfortable, but also really strong. Such as there is the tradition of decorating hands with hen. It has a strong scent. Moreover, there should be many aromatic dishes.

Partydeko braided storage bowl

The decoration on the hands

The Partydeko Gets a special character for baby-fest of Moroccan art. It becomes a part of us. You should understand that even in the literal sense. As the hands of the women are painted with hen.

Partydeko fresh blumensträuse white roses

Good mood and many nice gifts

Also the gifts and the way in which they are assigned, are a special part of the Partydeko. Specially set up a visible body. The gifts should be placed in baskets with green decoration. Diaper, accessories and toys for the baby are also attached.

Partydeko fresh roses wooden box

Small gifts to give to

A part of the Partydeko of Moroccan boho style should be small souvenirs. Also in a special place, they should be shown. From there, they could be distributed in the Goodbye of the guests.

Partydeko henna tattoo

Fill the table with great food and drink

Great food and drinks of exotic species on a crowded table should also make up a part of the decoration. Moroccan food are very original appearance, colors, and scents.

Partydeko homemade biscuits flowers

Partydeko metal lanterns for pillows

Partydeko Moroccan coffee table braided stools vintage dresses

Partydeko Moroccan side table wood

Partydeko Moroccan style pillow stool

Partydeko Persian rug Pillow Side Table Moroccan

Partydeko Sheesha smoking metal lantern Lantern sugar bowl

Partydeko was woven baskets homemade soap spices

Partydeko windllicht lantern ceramic urn

Partydeko wooden boxes fresh flower lanterns glasses

Partydeko woven baskets natural flowers