Patio design ideas – a green patio for sports

We love the subject of landscaping, above all in the summer . Us it is noticed but that we have rather neglected the theme of sport. The inhabitants of the House, which is in today’s article, not committed but this error. Because you thought the mother with three children and their well-being.

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Actually we are talking about the design of a backyard. But you can draw many terrace design ideas from it.It has set up a small room with space for sports. It is surrounded not only by the great green, but also by the smell of spices. Because they found a suitable place for this one. We are in the backyard of the family home. You had equipped all first and foremost here with concrete. On the right side there is a small terrace which is equipped with flower beds.

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But has now covered the whole thing with grass. The mother of three children can make now here after the jog stretching exercises. The atmosphere is also very suitable for yoga, who also loves her. It has designed a carpet of grass. Found this with regard to the use of matching as about the removing concrete and the planting of a real garden.

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The plants were used in flower beds and special pots. There is also a stand for bicycles. Here you have the suitable area for DIY plant container, where putting different spices. These can then always fresh pick and use for preparing great dishes. It also has an irrigation system. This unlocks two times per day. The dog is also the living beings, much to enjoy the whole thing.

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Let us think about why this is so well done. Above all they took only the elements from the patterns in the garden and yard design, that you really need. The family is located in the heart of a large city, but close to a park. There, you have all the prerequisites really good exercise.It has actually no time to the nursery in the real sense of the word. That’s why the garden area for stretching and yoga is more than enough. Then, there is place for the sports equipment and the beds in which it accommodates the spices. This would be also the right solution for you, or have more diverse needs of you and your family?

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