Patio design ideas with hanging chairs for the garden

The ideal getaway in the summer – the terrace in the garden. But instead of establishing the lounge area outdoors with classic furniture, you can choose this year for a few cool hanging Chair. Hammock chairs have established itself as a particular trend in recent years and would perfectly complete your personal oasis of relaxation in the garden. Check out these great patio design ideas with hanging chairs and let us dream of vacation and cocktails.

covered terrace metal hangesessel suspension parts

Hammock chairs have several advantages: they take up less space than a hammock or a swing and sitting in an upright position, what better drink for reading and cocktails is. The getting in and out is also much easier.The hanging Chair for Garden must not be attached to two trees or pillars, but only one is enough. A wooden Pergola or a patio roof is perfect to hang a hanging Chair. Comes the hanging Chair with a special frame, he can move easily everywhere.

covered terrace rattan hung up

Hammock chairs are available in a wide range of rugged, weather-resistant materials such as rattan, plastic, wood and metal, so that it can easily withstand rain and Sun. The design of the hanging Chair should be also adapted to the style of the terrace. Rattan hanging Chair for example give a breath of exoticism and let us dream of wide beaches and blue sea. Metal hammock chairs seem rather minimalistically. Select also upholstered in bright colors and make a small side table in addition to the hanging chair so that you have your glass or favorite book nearby.Check out our outstanding examples and terrace design ideas and find the ultimate relaxation with an outdoor hanging Chair!

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