Pellet stoves saves space and quiet

With the decline of the spaces of our apartments requires more space-saving solutions .Halls presents us with an interesting solution, a pellet stove Denise, the elegant Ecofire ® that, in less than 30 cm of space and with the ability to place it on the wall is suitable for any environment, while being able to offer all the required yield ( ~ 93.5%).

 Pellet stove

Overall thermal power (output): max kcal / h 6360 to 7.4 kW
Average efficiency: Operating time: 28 h max
tank capacity: max 17 kg
Hourly pellet consumption: min kg / h 0.6 ~ – max kg / h 1.6 ~
Flue: 8 cm back

Our family home is not always combines with the acoustic comfort and thus the winter warmth of the stove fails to give us the full effect of relaxing typical wood stoves.
Halls has thought to achieve a pellet stove airtight be muted : LOLA

Indeed, we can disable the forced ventilation and let the heat is propagated with natural convection, the typical process of the wood burning fireplace.

AA part of the heat is accumulated from the coating that gives way gradually to the environment, while another part, conveyed through a particular internal exchanger, activates an appropriate motion of natural convection for lower noise!

This product offers a quiet typical of the fireplace or wood-burning stove while ensuring the efficiency of the combustion control with an efficiency greater than 94%, programmability and ease of handling typical of the pellet.Emissions are reduced to a minimum for the perfect balance between fuel metering (charging system star) and combustion air (PCB).The elegant lines and control panel touch-screen completely flat make it a nice piece of furniture for both modern and classic styles.

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