Pendant for dining table – 25 glamorous examples of accent lighting

No matter, whether you have a spacious dining room, or a small dining area next to the kitchen is established – the light mood guaranteed social evenings with friends and family. Nowadays, the pendant for dining table presents itself more glamorous than ever – their expressive stylistic sets accents in the room and refined interior. Manufactured from metal, glass, richly decorated with crystal ornaments – create the chandeliers and pendant lights an exciting game of light and shadow in the room. We present you the most beautiful designs of the Italian company Terzani, which causes a sensation all over the world with their models.

Suspension lamp chandelier metal table SolidModel Atlantis

A beautiful fireplace, long dining table in solid wood, chairs with leather upholstery – modern dining room looks. Of course the noble lighting should not be missed in such an Interior – in this case, several Atlantis chandelier form a decorative group scattered soft light over the dining table. The lighting fixtures are made of metal, completely by hand. Exclusive go hard!

Suspension lamp designed dining table modern stonewall solid wood furniture

The pendant for dining table series Volver adds a modern touch to the classic Interior – the large chandelier collects the light down and is therefore the perfect choice for long, but narrow dining areas. The dining table is at least around a compact pendant lamp – for example from the collections Soscik, stream, or safe fits this better. The designs with the name sea, core and Anish are decorative – they create exciting light effects in the small room. Below, we give you an overview of the collection of the brand.

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