Persian rugs – heritage from the Ancient Orient

Persian carpets are known to be the oldest Oriental floor coverings. According to collectors, these rugs are the finest what is there in this area at all. This however must say, Persian carpets to their world-class fighting Turkish carpets, which are also first-class quality according to many experts.

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This competition but today is not the subject of our article. We want to focus like on the Persian carpets and explain what are the main criteria for their quality. You must keep this in mind so that you buy a piece, which you can enjoy for many years.

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Handmade or not?

Through a simple test to find out whether the Persian carpet that you find appealing at first glance, was woven by hand. Rely on your feelings. Does the carpet original and unique or somehow much too similar to the other ten pieces in the business?

Yes, the industrially produced imitations could also spread the same mood for awhile. But not really long. Because they have unfortunately not too great stamina.

As so often happens, the favorable investment is somehow more expensive at the end of the day.

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Resell carpets

When an original Persian rug, it is possible that you sell it again after many years. It may be that if he is authentic, this costs more compared to the purchase price. So it is worth the investment in authentic products from this point of view quite more.

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Practical distinction criteria

Yes, we have not forgotten that we have promised a simple test to distinguish the authentic carpets from the imitations. Turn the carpet over and carefully check the back. If the patterns look just like from the other side, then it is clearly to imitation.

Viewing the approaches of the carpet now. Can you recognize here rows of nodes? We congratulate you! You are advised on an authentic Persian rug!

Together with the intuitive method, after which you to appreciate the originality of try, you should get to a desired and worthwhile piece.

How a Persian rug

The rules for the selection of a Persian rug are certainly better understood if you well know in the process of production. At the oriental carpets, there are two types of fabric and two types of nodes. The Persian carpet are typical of the so-called Senneh node.

This is a less intricate method that allows much more freedom in creating patterns.

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For the production of the Persian carpet usually using one of the following 5 materials: cotton, wool, silk, jute and animal hair. There are also some variations of these materials. It varies between these and creates various combinations thereof. Very often you have models that are created from wool and cotton.

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The symbolism of a Persian carpet

Also the symbolism, which is there behind a Persian carpet is particularly fascinating. This makes it a real art-historical heirloom. In the patterns, all stories can be involved as about won and lost battles, religious messages, superstition and even dramatic love stories.

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Why might the Persian carpet a good choice?

Persian rug can convert the whole atmosphere in the room. That is nowadays always of benefit, since it is not modern, to fill the House with many unnecessary items.

Persian rugs are of great endurance. Thanks to a careful search, you can find a model that is cheap enough, fits to the own budget and is still authentic.

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