Picture frame as a refined decoration – 17 effective ideas

Since there are digital cameras, the photos mostly just on the computer are stored. Often one forgets or they develop just don’t want to leave. But let’s face it, as a “real” photo, which hangs on the wall or but is on a Cabinet and decorated the room with a great frame, is already a great variety and hardly to be replaced by digital picture frame. Uspr√ľnglich were they used to protect the photo from dust and try to keep it to bend and fade off. Today there but a wide variety of designs, patterns and colors, so that the frame is the decoration together with its contents.

bedrooms maritime deco blue brown silver picture frame

In some ways, the frame plays an important role. He can emphasize that particular image or cause but exactly the opposite. For this reason he should be chosen always fit. Finally, you get a cozy atmosphere, no matter whether you choose a frame made of wood, plastic, glass or metal in a modern, retro or vintage style. By hanging the photo with a nice frame on the wall, spice it up and turn into a work of art.

coral color picture frame decoration aqua dresser

Also combinations of different frames that can be installed in any sequence, size, and different intervals on the wall are cute. Would you rather not drill holes in the wall? Then simply turn off images on a Cabinet. But even without pictures, a picture frame can be effective and be a great decorative element. Simply attach a selection to frame any style as a group on the wall. If you, for example, have a wallpaper with pretty patterns, you can highlight it by a picture frame. Hang him just on the wall, so that a part of the wallpaper pattern in the Center.

deco picture frame colorful painted corridor wall

We show you the following a few examples for great decorations in picture frames, you can easily make to discretion. Effectively to showcase your photos or simply decorate the simple walls with them. Unleash your imagination and get your guests ready to amaze.

Arrange fotowand ideas picture frame

deco dining area creamy wall color bildeerahmen

deco wall stair small white picture frame

fotowand white frame blue pictures harmoniously

Make your own picture frame clock deco ideas

modern living room bright colors and white picture frame

nuanced luxury dining room wall deco blue golden picture frame

picture frame deco golden frame ideas living room open living area

picture frame deco ideas bedroom aqua blue cream

picture frame deco ideas bedroom gray white red

picture frame deco ideas heimbuero moebel red black frame

picture frame deco ideas herzchen wood moebel children's toys

vintage photo frame schwar white photos eck sofa kitchen

wanddeko modern bedroom light gray and white picture frame