Placing stones in Zen garden design

Or Japanese Zen gardens are used for meditation and help release bad energy. The contemplation of the naturalezay be in contact with it, benefits the man for processing and learning. Each element of the Japanese garden has its own meaning in life and its representation of nature. The zen garden stones symbolize the mountains and islands emerging from the water.

Gion-ji temple

The stones that are used in zen garden mean the obstacles we encounter along life. They are the past experiences that have marked and transformed. Depending on your size and shape more or less energy transmitted.

Key elements in a zen garden
Besides zen garden stones has other elements that have their own meaning. The sand neutralizes bad thoughts and help find harmony and tranquility. In the sand and gravel different elements are drawn with the help of a rastillo, circles and lines evoke the water and their movements. Quartz crystals loaded us positive energy and shells and shells also give us peace and quiet. In Zen gardens are also used to enhance meditation candles.

Zen garden in our home
Recent years have popularized small zen gardens to integrate home decorations. They come in packs that include all the necessary elements. These gardens are inspired by the great Japanese gardens and are ideal if you do not have room to have a real garden . The key is to place the small Japanese garden in a room of the house that is quiet, with a natural light source and where we are comfortable and relaxed.

Placing stones in zen garden
The stones found when building large zen gardens are respected and integrated into the environment. The zen garden stones are placed on the ground partially buried in order to form paths. O also made robes with them so that there is not any grass.


Zen gardens with stones

Zen gardens

zen Rock Garden