Planting herbs – varieties and tips for location & plant species

Who does not love fresh herbs? And just when you spontaneously want to prepare a particular dish and do not have the necessary herbs at home, you are annoyed because you do not want to visit the supermarket for it or it is even too late for it. It would be better to have the desired spice freshly prepared at home. This is guaranteed with your own herb garden. In the following ways, you can find out the various ways you can apply a herb garden and which herbs can be used depending on the location. They can not only plant herbs in the garden. Even in the case of a missing or very small outdoor area, you do not have to do without the fresh plants.

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It is much easier to create a herb garden than you might think. There are only some tips to the herb garden that you should adhere to so that the plants can also flourish well. The right location, which can vary according to herb plants, is one of them. Otherwise, the requirements are not much different from other plant species. Usually, the spices are even much more demanding. There are various possibilities to create a herb garden at home. It does not matter whether inside or outside. You can create a herb garden with children and teach them responsibility and of course fun at gardening.

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Which of the following herbal garden ideas are best suited for you, you must decide for yourself. The choice of plants also depends on you, because some need more care than others. In addition, there may be herbs whose taste you do not like and therefore do not want to plant. Season your food with the freshest and most organic spices from our own production and even use the herbal garden for tea in the winter by reaping it in time and freezing. Herbs in the garden are especially easy to maintain because you will not only get plenty of space but also pleasant rainwater and pleasant sun rays, which are good for the plants and are particularly important for some species. In the open, you have the choice between ample herb gardens. On the one hand, you can create an independent herb bed. Especially if you have a larger number of herbs planned and the place allows, this variant is very suitable. In order to be able to distinguish all herb plants well, you can at least initially label them with small name tags.

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