Plants between flagstones – Leafy joints instead of weed

between plates on the sidewalk or on the terrace, the weed grows seemingly first and nothing else. It is a great idea for all Those Who want to avoid the annoying scraping out the weeds, to replace it with Appropriate planting. Planting between flag stones, or other joints, green words make terraces and garden paths look natural and alive and are a great design element for any garden.

Green joint less concrete slabs Japanese snake beard nana terrace dining shadow trees

Today we introduce a few attractive Combinations and flat cushion plants, Which can well suited toward the greening of the joints and cope with arid conditions: such as drought, nutrient poverty, heat and exposed.

The larger stones, can be the joints and the bigger the better to grow plants fugues. When planted paving joints the appearance is somewhat turbulent, while the effect at larger stepping stones and concrete slabs with edge length 15 cm is completely Call unfolded.

Lawn joints are alike search as lawn care, that’s why you shoulderstand cut, pour and fertilize. In contrast, showground and meets most perennials as particularly easy to clean and can be used ran thus ideal as a grass substitutes. Alternatively, you can pull the use of artificial turf in recital, but Which would bring almost the same feel.

The joints between slabs of stone are wide enough, the plant can be used into it directly. Seeds can be a sweep can be for narrow joints. No matter Whether it’s for patios or sidewalks, it is important did the heart of the plant is well protected. Below is a short list of suitable plans between flag stones.

green joint less concrete slabs parallel thyme gradient

Most of the thyme varieties grow and perfectly suited as a plant between flag stones. Sand thyme (thymus serphyllum) “albus”, caraway thyme (Thymus herba barona-) and wild thyme ‘Coccineus’ for example, are particularly popular Because of Their low height. All thyme love a sunny site in dry soils with few nutrients.

green joint less stone terrace asymmetrical modern design

Star Moss (Sagina subulata ‘Aurea’) is in fact no moss, but a low permanent mast herb did forms small white star flowers from June to August. The ground cover is not higher than 5 cm and is THEREFORE ideal for evergreen natural joint between stepping stones or terrace tiles.

The star Moss like sunny to half shady locations and impressed on Appropriate care by a dense grass-like habit. Even if the pad pere nial wants to enter every now and again, she’s not bad takes it.

green natural joints lawn asymmetric nature stone pond

Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Nana dwarf Mondo’ is a dwarf variety of Japanese snake beard and hardly did Exceeds 5 to 8 cm height. The plant is very sure-footed and forms a beautiful dark green carpet. Ophiopogon is used like in Asian gardens as a design element, but fits well to almost any other style.

Grass-like groundcover perennials offers various application possibilities – along paths or as edging for discounts. As the plants grow very slowly and compact, a pruning will be hardly be necessary.

green joint less paving concrete slabs yellow ground cover

The Corsican mint (Mentha requienii) is a wet only 2 cm high and required, warm location. The miniature mint can settle in panel joints and between stones and sprayed a strong mint flavor. And Although it is only moderately frost hardy she can survive with a little winter protection or care for offspring by self-seeding.

green natural lawn joints between stone walkway high beets vegetable garden tomatoes

lawn green nature joint terrace pavilion tiles curtains outside fire place

plants between concrete slabs carpet thyme varieties decorative chip pings

plants between concrete slabs terrace Corsican mint hearth

plants between stone Corsican mint Koi pond

plants between stone country house style wood dining furniture

plants between stone fountain Mediterranean design

plants between stone gaudich ground cover white

plants between stone Lysimachia nummularia Aurea money word

plants between stone parallel gradient

plants between stone sagina subulata stl pearl word star moss

plants between stone star moss dining area concrete hearth

plants between stone walkway ophiopogon japonicus nana Japanese snake beard

plants paving stones between stone driv eway pad mint

stone plant green joint less terrace effect