Polished floor Design

The polished floors offer incomparable smell and patina. However, the main drawback of the is fragility in contact with water, it becomes stain and gray.In addition, polished floors can become slippery and dangerous when applied too abundant.


That is why the polished floor is slowing compared to oiled floors or vitrified flooring .

Waxing parquet returns to the cover of a cured protective layer that completely fills the pores of the wood. However, a waxed floor does not offer a very high resistance.

The main drawback of the wax is that you have to repeat the application of régulièremen t to protect the floor effectively.

The wax keeps the natural look of wood and gives it shine . This is its main advantage.


Get a polished floor
Polished floor – equipment
Here is the equipment needed waxing floors:


wax (paste or liquid);
a cotton cloth or wool;
a large brush or a simple cotton cloth;
Optional: a polisher flooring. The polisher is used to polish your floor, it does not add additional products.
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Note : to polish your floor, you can use an electric polisher.


How to polish his floor?
Waxing parquet involves several steps. First, we must restore the floor if it is damaged (broken blades, holes) and sand if it contains traces of old finish.

You can use a hard bottom before applying the wax. A hard bottom is a sub-layer which reduces the porosity of the wood by clogging pores. In this case, two layers of wax should be more than sufficient to protect the floor . Apply one or two coats of hard bottom waiting 24 hours between each.

You can choose between the liquid wax is a mixture of wax and solvents or solid wax that must be melted in a bain-marie. Apply the wax with a brush and wait at least two hours between each coat before shelling (light sanding). If you use a waxy, it is mandatory liquid wax.

To finish the shine of your floor, you can use a buffing machine polisher also called to shine the surface.

Waxing floors
Repair waxed parquet
If your polished floor deteriorates know it can be repaired locally. It is not necessary to polish the entire surface.

You can use a polisher if the surface shine is important, otherwise apply a few drops of wax and polish the affected area with a cloth.