Potted plants bring mood and style

They decorated the balcony or the terrace, one usually used plants in flower pots. With their help, they make a special place where you can relax long out boring balcony. They can fit outside in the garden, in a corner of the garden as well. In the garden you plants not only shrubs and flowers, but it certainly complements the garden look with potted Plants . Want to bring some color and freshness to the outdoor area? Collect some ideas from our picture gallery!

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What are you decorated with potted plants?

Rather small balconies decorating with potted plants. They have a limited area, and in most cases, such a decoration is most appropriate. For this reason often fix the flower pots on balcony railings and leaving more space on the balcony anyway. The correct arrangement of pots is also of importance. There are larger plants that need more space and therefore do not fit on small balconies.

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The entrance of the House also benefits from the beauty of potted plants. An excellent solution for the exterior decoration is to position them, on both sides of the front door. If your garden has an external staircase, you could make flower pots on the individual steps and out to create a welcoming atmosphere.

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Flowering, Evergreen plants and palm trees

Dividing the pot plants in flowering, plants and palm trees. Flowers with sumptuous flowers lend charm to the small balcony and plants make stylish larger outdoor areas. What kind of pot plants inscribes itself in the exterior?

Garden plant plants daisies decorate a pot garden

What plants should you choose?

Fuchsia, Marguerites, Buchs, Ilex, Ivy… The potted plants you select for your outdoor area, mainly depends on whether your balcony is oriented towards the South or East. Regardless of which pots you choose, should not be underestimated the regular maintenance if you want to enjoy them longer.

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