Practical and modern designed terrace on a slope – 10 great ideas

So did you can feel comfortable at any time of the year in the garden, the right garden and terrace design is of great importance. The garden on a hillside, is located this can Quickly become a major challenge. HOWEVER, nothing is impossible, as the Following examples will show you. We have compiled a collection impressive ideas out of the terrace on the slope of Which You Can inspiration.

bed around small trees make more terraced hill side garden

The design of this terrace the slope Eldridge comes from London. Wood All which is used for the design. This is the cascading raised beds, as well as the Adjacent terrace. Construction So what thought of the fun for the kids. To find a sandbox, and a metal slide pitch, Which sweeten the beautiful weather even more children on the terrace.

This tiered terrace on the hillside is located on the highest point. It is made of black wood to find the steps, the privacy and the beds is that. The cozy seating area accommodates even a hot tub, to make your leisure time in the garden even more enjoyable. By the black color, the terrace will receive a contemporary look did is even emphasized by the use of decorative gravel. The design comes from Michael and Karen Kramer.

Anyone who claims did a comfortable terrace is not possible on the hillside, is located more than Fasch, as evidenced by this design by architects true north. A cozy seating area with fire bowl and a hammock is combined with a covered sitting area at a higher level and promises total relaxation Throughout The Entire season.
At the lowest level, the dining and sitting area is located here. The garden extends to turn upward and is evenly and neatly designed. The terrace on the hillside garden design of retaining walls in stone, with a flat surface with seating area, hedging plants and medium-sized trees this way offers a perfect overview. The design which developed by an outdoor establishment.

The raised, round fountain made of metal is the focal point in this design by Bartholomew landscaping for garden and terrace on the hillside without a doubt. The lounge besteht of oversized poufs Which can be used even as a day bed. It desc ends the stairs from this area, you will reach the dining area is covered.

hill side terrace oblong shape pool inspiration gradually form modern

So this terrace on the hillside is divided into Several areas. The dining area with a barbecue Followed by a pool, this in turn by a lounge. Interesting is, therefore, the form of this area. The triangular-shaped levels squirm like a spiral to the bottom and have a floor made of wood. Glass rail ings were installed as protection. Harrison’s landscaping have really to the impressive outdoor area created.

more terraced hill side lounge bench stone post lighting

The light stone, Which what used for retaining walls, makes this outdoor extremely sympathetic. In addition a discreet lighting, highlighting the stairs and retaining walls. A built-in bench is covered with wood and-and seat cush ions and is surrounded by discreetly planted raised beds. The terrace on the hillside is an idea of space design.

hill side terrace on black wood hot tub ornamental pebble deco

This terrace on the hillside All which is divided into two areas. While top is the small garden with flower beds, the terrace area best eat of large stone slabs with joints in green. What a fireplace integrated into the retaining wall and a high privacy wood Guarantees The Necessary privacy. For the design were the designer designLINE builds of engaged.

This attractive and modern terrace on the hillside of art in green is divided into a number of levels at different heights. Each level serves a different use, to fully use the Relatively small garden. A catcher is THEREFORE the pond with stepping stones, Which gives a modern flair to the lushly landscaped garden with boxwood.

more terraced hillside exotic plants pool triangular dining area

more terraced hillside pond idea deckchairs patio terrace design boxwood

tail plants more terraced hill side dining table modern canopy stair case

Terrace hammock built on a slope lighting fire bowl seats

terrace on slope ideas shaping modern high beds slide

terrace on slope metal slide gradually wood design

terrace slope protection wood minimalist stone of earth face