Practical and space-saving pool design for small garden

A garden with a pool is the dream of many homeowners. If the garden is rather small, it can be hard to find the right model, without having to sacrifice it too much of the valuable garden. The pool in the garden with small size be enough to relax and Possibly so for swimming, but leave so Sufficient space for plants, flowers, and a terrace.

Lawn pool for small garden rectangular chaise trees landscaping

Would no easy Austellpool, then you can be inspired by the Following ideas and build a pool for the small garden.

In principle, the size selects DEPENDING ON the pool for a small garden, how much lawn and bed area you would have finally left. You need less garden, the pool may be the greater. So the shape of the garden, you can customize the new pool. A long, rectangular pool was chosen for this narrow backyard.

pool for small garden lighting idea green lawn surface Stonewall

The owner of this house did Decided to transform the small garden almost Entirely in a swimming pool. Only a tree is left over from the former garden. This pool for small garden Provides ample space for swimming and can be crossed via stepping stones. Through the folding doors of the kitchen to get a perfect view of and access to the pool.

pool for small garden minimalist backyard water tree the occurs stone

A narrow, long pool Allows a better use of the small garden. There is space for a pretty spacious grass area and a dining area. The pool serves as a seat and Provides additional seating. When planning, consider THEREFORE the Appropriate lighting of the pool for a small garden. Namely, this has a great influence on the atmosphere in the evenings.

pool for small garden modern narrow backyard design Mediterranean

You make a point not to swim in the pool can THEREFORE Examine a square pool for small garden design and save much space, can be used not only for flower beds and a large terrace. So a garden shower way space can remain on this. The design with white color has THEREFORE Oriental and exotic and spacious makes the small area.

pool small garden exterior decking roofing downlights dining table

Make seeking a niche into the rectangular or square install the pool for the pool for the small garden. Framed by narrow raised beds, you can plant with lush plants to make the pool area more natural and more comfortable. You can use the area in front of the pool for small gardens for a lawn or a patio. DEPENDING ON what you need and want …

pool small garden footbridge bedrooms around concrete pipe

Here you can see an attractive idea with contemporary style. The pool for the small garden is visually separated by a garden path stepping stone of the green lawn. He THEREFORE leads to the terrace with dining table and benches of the House. The rectangular pool is on both sides with wood and white decorative gravel.

pool small garden form t dining area palm design

pool small garden fountain shaped waterfall boxwood buddha art deco

pool small garden glass handrails scg' malali tropical planting

pool small garden inspiration weathered gray wood attractive landscaping

pool small garden inspiration white outdoor garden shower

pool small garden lawn Iceland creating trees high beds

pool small garden oriental style rattan lounge furniture

pool small garden ornamental gravel white deco the occurs stone garden path

pool small garden plain waterfall game tiles create raised bed

pool small garden plants idea sparingly square pool

pool small garden plants natural stone design stages Summer freshness

pool small garden rectangular swimming pool deckchairs face protection

tiles pool small garden terrace turquoise natural stone ideas

up pool small garden ideas modern outdoor area