Praise for our new shower-toilet

Hard to believe, but true Actually: the first room in our new home is ready! While in the majority of the House, not even doors, let alone skirting boards or curtains are mounted, the quiet village with its good 2 squaremeters was our top priority. Have we yet been ardently pleased on our new Geberit AquaClean WC.

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But let’s start from the beginning:

As I already told you, I can befriend me with the purple tiles in the bathroom, but it what from the outset on absolute no-go for the man of the House. So I came up with the idea to paint over the well-preserved wall tiles with colored tiles paint. The floor had to be made new, what clear from the beginning, Because most tiles were quite loose.

We Agreed so – the tiles were allowed to remain, only a different color what condition.

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That we wanted to have a Conventional flushing toilet due to the optics, what self-evident. In addition, a wall-hung Toilets what on the wishlist. The at did time only apparent way a pretext element what is almost impossible HOWEVER would have more difficult, Because toilet and wash basin on a wall mounted and the small room so no other position would have approved.

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While researching on the internet I finally found monolith on the Geberit. He does not sound like a cistern, is one, but what for one! And the top: the monolith works with a stand – as well as with a wall-hung Toilets. The ideal solution for our toilet refurbishment. The old tiles would remain intact, only the drain pipe must be routed from the bottom into the wall and we needed electricity for our new shower toilet. And now we go into detail:

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Tiles painting: we were able to achieve very good results with a shock – and impact-resistant varnish of tiles by Albrecht. Particularly sympathetic, I found did the primary and final paintings came from a can and THEREFORE no additional priming what be be necessary.

I went to play it safe and brushed the wall tiles with a paint roller in three rounds. When the first two walls I painted the joints first extracting with a brush before – this proved but absolutely not Necessary. The paint roller made it so!

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The soil:

These tiles might be at some time in the House! We accidentally discovered it in to IKEA exhibition kitchen and Both of us instantly in love! The model is called tassel Grafito and is Vives Ceramica of the Spanish manufacturer. The tiles look like cement tiles and have a velvety soft surface THEREFORE, are but ordinary tiles and THEREFORE so easy to install and clean! The many different patterns at all not restless work due to the same sound! I can not see me enough 🙂

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Our Entire family is Considered to be “Bidet spoiled”. In the bathroom the connection for a bidet what Intended, Because the space is already very small, we have DECIDED for reasons of space, however.
A so-called “washlet” Seemed as a perfect alternative. While the Po not just with toilet paper so but skin and hygienic with hot water is purified.
This product video Explains Exactly how our model, the AquaClean SELA works:

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