Private fitness studio, Spa and lounge in the middle of forest

Today we present to you a fascinating private fitness studio which is in the suburbs of St. Petersburg and extends on a total area of 113 m2. Behind the project which was realised in 2015 stand the architects Olgas Vetosheva and Eduard Zakharov of Horomystudio. Their task was, a completely equipped sports complex with Swimming pool and Spa area to work which embeds itself, however, smoothly in the surroundings.
The lack of free surfaces and the forest landscape represented a real challenge. Finally, it was dedicated 30 m2 big property as a building land and all trees should survive and be integrated into the architecture of the sports centre. That’s a way the application of construction machines was not possible. All excavation works within the framework of the project were executed manually. So the basement was established after the technology top DOWN: also from above downwards.
private-gym-boxing-mirror-behind lighting
The private fitness house applies about several floors: a basement with fitness devices for force training and muscle exercises, on the ground floor there are the Cardioger├Ąte and in the upper floor yoga is done. The facade which lies in the north exists of glass and this was dressed up to the south with wood. The adjacent terrace lies at several levels and offers a pleasant stay with good weather. The terrace lying on the north side connects the fitness house with an already existing sauna complex.
Model private-gym-cardio training-device-glazing private-gym-design elements private-gym-design-terrace-sun are Model private-gym-glass roof-balcony private-gym-glass roof-light ring private-gym-glass-canopy-terrace Model private-gym-night lighting-pool private-gym-spiral staircase-copper sheet railings private-gym-stair-led strips private-gym-stairs-wooden-led-flowers private-gym-terrace-glass-canopy-alu Model