Project design and imagination of Robert Majkut Design

When asked to design an office of a company, as a private bank, there are many things to consider, especially if you are trying to give a new modern the company image without changing your style and logo . This is where comes into play in this project Robert Majkut Design , Robert is a genius when it comes to interior design and architecture projects, and in this case, the end result is superb. The corporate colors of the bank played an important role in the final result but even more delicate issue of grid that it was a very innovative way, it was a two-dimensional pattern by using parametric design software. The selection of materials for finishing was dictated by the overall concept of creating within the Bank for an upscale clientele. Modern furniture and effective lighting accentuate the individual character of the interior and are important as the various elements of a unique aesthetic whole.

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The leitmotiv of a thin decorative grille is present in numerous variations. Is repeated in a modified form as a line pattern floors and ceilings, as a subtle sand blasting glass walls like tapestry motif wall coverings, or reflected in the unique transcription pattern geometry columns. A notable example of making the pattern in the interior is the wall behind the reception desk a unique golden relief consisting of convex rhombus. What can we say but: another amazing project.

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