Projects and ideas for decorating your home

There is no doubt that the Internet is an excellent source of inspiration … In Colornspice dedicate much of our time not only to create our own projects, but it also inspired us ideas that we see in the network, so funny and full sites ideas like Pinterest (you can follow colornspice here ) as well as blogs and other pages you visit regularly.

decorating your home for less

Today we wanted to share some of your favorite projects that we have seen lately, who knows … maybe find here the idea that you needed to give a little “spice” (condiment in English) to any corner of your home …
Let’s start with the stencils … this trend is here to stay! Although contrary to what we saw in the 90’s the stencils are being used on a large scale and not just on the wall, but also in accessories, floor and sky.

decorating your home on a low budget

Always with the idea of ​​using a texture to add interest … how about improving the old cabinet drawers finished with a lace?
Simply place a piece of lace on the surface you want to paint (give him a first base) and painted with spray paint Lanco Harris in a contrasting color. Let dry a bit and removed the lace … voila!

decorating your home for birthday party

Looking for a piece of original art This page explains how you achieve this brochure with photos and video:
To paste the branches we recommend Lanco Grip Bond 3.

decorating your home in skyrim

Did you know that you can paint with wall painting on canvas? In this blog were created using a pillow as a potato stamp. It’s in Swedish, but you can translate it with google and the pictures are pretty self explanatory:

decorating your home for spring

If you like the idea of painting with acrylic on canvas you can also see this project we publish on Colornspice some time.
And finally, how about if you prepare the tray for a delicious breakfast in bed? You just need a large photo frame and handles I hope I inspired you dare to try any of these projects and make your world a little better!

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decorating your rented home