Purist design furniture made of wood

There is a noticeable difference between purely natural and industrial technological products. Also “non-professionals” without detailed knowledge can perceive it. Because machne things are impossible to reproduzieren-as the feel of leather, the smell and warmth of wood. Looking for more authenticity in life, Kaspar Hamacher from Eupen creates exceptional designer wooden furniture, which personal items constitute a kind of deeper importance. Nature serves as the basis for his art. The product designer, impressed by his technical ability to model true sculptures made of wood. No matter whether a tree stump or a block of wood, the furniture by Hamacher artworks are with a soul and yet precisely thought out.

Burned out line Kaspar Hamacher exceptional design stool

Kaspar Hamacher has studied at the Academy of fine arts in Maastricht, in Brussels and is already with numerous awards for design and art has been awarded. In the manufacture of its furniture from wood Hamacher focuses rather on the physical as on the conceptual aspects of the work. He wants to bring more meaning into his works – in an artistic way, without losing the view of the functionality. Made of solid wood, the designs are simple and poignant at the same time.

Design Furniture Wood Kaspar Hamacher coffee table solid wood stone boulder look

In the collection “Burnt out” of the Brussels puts on designers extraordinary games together. The stool burned from the inside out have already caused a sensation in the design scene. Traditional wood blocks are “modeled” by a fire inside, in their natural form dictates the later appearance of the final stool. Then, the surface is machined and sanded so that a natural contrast between the light wood and black, burned inside of the block. You can consider here a variety of other interesting products which he has created from wood.

borders Kaspar snag aesthetic objects with unusual shapes

burned stool clear bright surface rough burnt inside

Burnt stool rough black burnt inside

burnt tree stump sculptures inside verbrant different sizes

burnt tree stump stools modern furniture art Kaspar Hamacher

Designer pieces from solid wood table Hamacher k smoke straight top

Designer pieces of wood La paix purist beautiful and practical

Designer pieces solid wood chair purist concave surfaces

extraordinary stool burned conventional wooden blocks

Fire Sculpting furniture art Hamacher exceptional furniture design

Furniture design as an art burnt wood stool exceptional pieces

Furniture Design Hamacher Artworks with SeeleThe Tree

Hand made Italian furniture by colombo stile holz.jpg

Kaspar Hamacher Fire burned sculpting art of creating furniture

Made purist designer furniture table made ​​of solid wood

made the tree bank Single pieces with soul from solid wood

Piece of wood burnt black interior of the block Stool Design

rotating elements process thread winding machine anton alvarez.jpg

sculptural works in wood authentic curvature of the wood

Stool burned inwardly fire sculpting design Kaspar Hamacher art