Purple Dining room ideas

The purple color fits the gala and, sometimes, an institutional character. Therefore, if the dining – room designed for entertaining, can be designed with muted tones and muted color. Paul decorate with light wood planks and the walls are closing any material plates pale purple. To put a light beige carpet or sand. Choose a table with a top of thick milky color. in the tone of collecting chairs with soft seats of leather or imitation leather. Along with a table lamp with a glass bubble. Vases and violet glass dishes fit perfectly inside the room.

Even a single room, rustic style, you can make one. Stylish and contemporary Pablo oblitsevat light gray tiles and walls to purple. Under the table was a carpet of headphones can be modeled with pale purple gray background, or vice versa. Choosing furniture wood or materials “under the tree.” To complete its accessories to choose a purple color. This can be a tea towels, plates, cups, tablecloths, etc..
To create an interior designed in a particular color, not necessarily paint the whole room, for example, and submit purple paint purple furniture. In this room, even those with nerves of steel and stable psyche feel uncomfortable and extremely bad.

So always there. You can simply add the interior architecture in bright colors are not, relevant accessories. For example, a white dining table covered with light purple fabric. In the closet and put the table top deep purple candle in handsome silver candlesticks.

Dishes and glasses purple material fit perfectly into the design. You can also pick up chairs with soft seats, upholstered in purple fabric. Another important room decoration – flowers. Depending on the season they need to choose different shades of blue-violet range.
Like the accessories can create the atmosphere of the entire interior, all the details in your design will be able to emphasize the dignity of all the facilities in general. Walls painted or decorate purple materials. Hang a large stained glass windows, made in shades of beige. In addition to the main room can be equipped with lighting fixtures small wall lamp.

Depending on what mood you want to create, you can choose the accessories. If you want a casual atmosphere for a quiet dinner with your family or business partners, better to choose a beige tablecloth and napkins to serve gold, crystal wine glasses and plates clear without pictures or designs in neutral colors. When necessary, however, the spark and vivacity to enjoy the party with your friends, put on the table, glasses and utensils purple.