Quick & easy way to finish concrete walls

Many homes and commercial buildings are constructed of concrete. While concrete is a durable structural construction is porous and can allow moisture to leak into the building. As a result, the walls and concrete floors need to be sealed properly to prevent moisture from ruining furniture and flooring as carpet, tile and hardwood. Walls that are not sealed will cause water stains that appear indrywall, plaster or wallpaper. Finally a concrete wall, follow a few quick and easy steps.

Precast Concrete Walls

Things You’ll Need
Concrete Sealer
Roller or brush

Clean the concrete walls with a clean, dry cloth to soak any moisture present.
Apply first coat of concrete sealer to the walls with a brush or roller. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations printed on the can of sealer to cover the proper application and drying time. Allow the first coat of sealer to dry completely before applying the second coat.
Apply a second coat of sealer with a roller or brush. Let it dry.
Apply a heavy coat of primer paint, but even. The card should be based on the best oil to retard fading paint and help prevent moisture from penetrating the paint. If the concrete walls are in a basement, it is likely that a second primer layer of oil-based paint is required. Allow sufficient time to dry and adhere to the concrete walls.
Paint primer. Brush or roll the first coat of paint over the primer. Allow the paint to dry according to the drying time suggested by the manufacturer. Apply second and third coats of paint as needed to make uniform walls.

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