Railings for balcony – great suggestions

If you have a balcony or a terrace, then you have probably ever thought about a matching railings for balcony. There are many variants of different materials – stainless steel, wood, glass, iron and the respective combinations on the market. The railings for balcony provide not only protection against unwanted fremnden views, but primarily as a life-line for the people who are there. For this reason, some regulations must be observed during installation.

amazing railings for balconies

How high must be a balcony railing, is regulated in the local building regulations. The standard for balcony railing height but 0.90 meters, and 100 cm for public buildings or offices when it comes to private homes or apartments.If you are interested in a railing, check our photos below, so that you can get some nice ideas!

Balcony Railing Design Ideas

Balcony railing made of metal

beautiful railing for balcony


Exterior Design balcony railing

Exterior design idea balcony

fantastic design railings for balconies

fantastic railings for balconies

fascinating railings for balconies

full effect railings for balconies


great barrier for a balcony

interesting balcony railing Exterior

Iron balcony railing ideas

Iron balcony railings idea

Iron railing balcony design

Iron railing for a circular balcony

Iron railings for balconies 600x330

Iron railings for balconies

Metal balcony railing Exterior Design

Metal railings for balcony

modern balcony railings

Modern buildings railings for balconies

modern design for railings for balconies

modern railings for balconies made of steel

modern railings for balconies

original design balcony

original design railings for balconies

oval railings for balconies

Railing Exterior Design

Railing for balcony wonderful design

Railings for balconies covered with flowers

Railings for balconies made of glass

Railings for balconies stainless steel

Railings for balconies

Stainless steel railings for your balcony

super full effect terrace railing

super great railing for balcony

super nice railings for balconies

Terrace rail at

Terrace railing design idea

Terrace railing Exterior Design Ideas

Terrace railing ideas for Exterior Design

Terrace railing wonderful design idea

white chic balcony railing

wonderful railing for balcony