Raised bed from pallets build: For strawberries, vegetables and CO.

high patch pallets build garden terrace floor mat

Before we present the DIY projects to you, we would like to give you some tips to the sure contact with the pallets.

Use thick working gloves and carry goggles to protect yourselves from fragments.
If you want to breed edible plants in the pallet high patch, it is important to use a new pallet which was not treated chemically. Look best for pallets with stamp “HT” (Heat Treated). This means that the wood with heat has been treated instead of chemicals. Chemically treated pallets are called with “MB”.
Avoid the use of old pallets which could be probably dirtied with chemicals. Wet wood is a good culture medium for bacteria like E.Coli, salmonellas, and Listerien.

high patch pallets table small timer kitchen

With a high patch gärtnert one friendly to back at high level. Near a comfortable working attitude, it just has many other advantages.

Because of its higher position, a high patch can be warmed up by the sun better and has, therefore, a warmer ground temperature. This allows to mature the vegetable faster and the harvest falls out plentifully.

Garden wastes from own garden, as for example foliage of the trees, one is also able to come strangely in the earthwork in and as a fertilizer be useful.
Important is also the protection of the plants against vermins of each type. To the protection of voles, a screen is inserted below.

So that the ground is suitable optimally for the plants, the high patch is equipped in different shifts. So one can be also glad about a ground poor in nature about the rich harvest.

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