Rattan furniture buy rights and Maintaining

Rattan is a natural product and as a material for furniture back on the rise, Because rattan furniture perfectly suited to a Mediterranean or Asian-inspired decor. In an interview with Expert has told us where the stable material and where the differences lie with rattan furniture. So, hey Reveals in the Following article, Which criteria at the time of purchase Should be Considered.

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The level of awareness of Council furniture is quiet comparatively low. We talked on the subject with Moritz, the experts of www.rattan furniture.org, Which has answered some key questions about this topic to us:

editorial: where do rattan and rattan Which gender is?

Moritz by rattan furniture.org: the rattan palms or rattan palms, the calamus among the genus, growing mostly in tropical areas, for example in southern India or Africa. Their vines grow up to 200 meters long and have a diameter of up to five centimeters.

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Moritz by rattan furniture.org: first of all, the question Whether indoor or outdoor furniture to be used Arises. Poly rattan, All which is produced from polyethylene, is particularly resistant to outside weather conditions. In other words, wind and love especially moisture makeup Virtually nothing the artificial weaving material. Unprocessed rattan, HOWEVER, would not hold for long in the open air.

Moritz by rattan furniture.org: rattan and wicker are very similar, the Latter, HOWEVER, artificially produced and is very inexpensive to produce. THEREFORE, poly rattan furniture is Offered Usually even cheaper as furniture pieces from real natural fibers.

Moritz by rattan furniture.org: both materials are extremely easy to clean. Because wicker is but to artificial raw materials, it has the great advantage to be able to withstand, without comp from sing the material Including as a somewhat rougher ride in case of strong contamination to the natural product.

Rattan furniture buy rights and Maintaining

Rattan furniture is moistened Regularly lightly with a water spray, to keep the material is smooth. Too generous the water but not dealt with are, Because The material is so Quickly toward the brittleness. Kubu rattan is slightly more maintenance-intensive and oiled from time to time. In the same oil may be used as to the care of the teak furniture.

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Moritz by rattan furniture.org: this is a special form of rattan, Which may be very fine, but so great. Kubu rattan is used as for garden furniture, mostly it comes but for pieces of furniture from indoors to the usage. Because it is important to store kubu rattan furniture under one roof. Kubu rattan looks very good, but not very good can withstand strong sunlight, cold, and rain.

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Moritz by rattan furniture.org: this is Easily possible. If the product has been delivered there, it can be painted to protect against external influences. The choice of the correct paint plays the decisive role. This may be is not completely Call fixed. He should have a Certain flexibility even after drying. Otherwise, cracks in the surface of the paint May Occur during the use of the furniture pieces. As a result, moisture would seep and harm the stability of the institution.

Moritz by rattan furniture.org: Yes, it is possible. Anyone can repair damage with some skill unabhängig. Own repair saves you unnecessary repair costs. There is the option to renew a part of the braid or replace the individual rushes. The individual fibers are Usually available in the CORRESPONDING colors in the store.

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Important criteria When buying rattan furniture

so the natural weave can be used as Mentioned in outdoor, HOWEVER only if it is Treated accordingly. As this but has a significant overhead to the result, this is not generally Implemented. THEREFORE looks lacquered cane oft need more natural and just the natural look is the determining factor for many people. THEREFORE recommends the purchase of furniture made of wicker for the garden or balcony.

At the time of purchase is sure that the pieces of furniture with dowels and glue or wooden pins are connected. Nails are used, is to be expected that this setup. As a result, a less beautiful coloration the occurs. To avoid search blemishes in constructions with nails, it is Advisable to Protect Appropriate garden furniture WHEN NOT in use with a cover.

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