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The very raw-wood furniture has a very special charm : for this reason more and more people prefer them to the furniture over. tables , chairs, beds, wardrobes and bookcases natural: there are many furnishings that can be made ​​with raw wood.

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The raw-wood furniture can be made ​​of precious wood in solid wood, wrought in the traditional way and lend themselves well for all kinds of customization; are very durable and long lasting . You can then decide what color to paint the furniture, as clothe, as embellish it: the crude furniture you can have fun and give free rein to creativity.

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Types of raw-wood furniture: how to adapt to the spaces of the house
The raw-wood furniture fit without any problem to any space of the house, from the inside out. If we want to maintain the “natural” state of the furniture we can distribute on the surface of only one coat of primer of flatting or to protect it in case is exposed to the outside, or a light glaze of varnish in the case of interior furnishings.

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Moreover, the raw-wood furniture placed outside are a practical and functional solution: do not deteriorate over time and just a new coat of stain to prolong their life for a long time. ‘m really many types of furniture from furniture with doors to the drawer until the day as solutions to the vertical shelves. furniture open on all sides with slatted floors and are furnished very practical if placed in a corner of the bathroom, a walk-in closet as a solution to support boxes and accessories, or in front of the house to accommodate pots and plants: embellish and complement each functional space giving a neutral appearance and completely natural .

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