Ready to wear shades

The decorating firm Destiny has created a line of fashion to dress your windows with adjustable system of heights. New curtains are “ready to go”.This is a collection of ready-made curtains and drapes so that they are ready to place and dress our windows.


What is the most innovative height adjustment, we can keep the original under the curtain. Exactly the same would happen with a custom curtains.

This collection consists of two pieces: The top and the curtain itself. Both pieces can be chosen separately, so we can combine them according to our style and needs. The top part consists of some leaders of eyelets for hanging fabric with curtain rod. It is also possible to find it with hooks and tape for universal rails.
This piece has on its back a band of very strong velcro. On the one hand adheres strongly, and the other is easily removed and put, which favors the installation of the window shade.


The curtain itself also features a velcro, it is thinner than the previous one and allows joining leaders installed in the bar, getting contacting both pieces.Destiny intended to facilitate the purchase and placement of curtains with velcro this new system, which is washable and ironed.


During this first collection of prêt a porter, have designed a collection of different tops that coordinate with twenty references curtain.The length of the curtains vary from 2.35 to 2.55 m and can be adjusted to the ringleader curtain with velcro system so easy. The width is 1.40 m. aproximadamente.Podréis you choose from the series: . Silver, Gold and Platinum His price will increase depending on the quality and standard.