Recessed and pendant luminaire Skygarden with relief from plaster

The installation and the Italian manufacturer Flos Skygarden pendant lamp outfitted with extraordinary design. The highlight is a classical stucco painted plaster diffuser white decorated, inside. The designer Marcel inspired wanders from the fantastic ancient ceiling with floral decorations of plaster, which was located in his previous home.

downlight plaster skygarden diffused light

As a small garden, no water and no Sun needed to look more beautiful. As he moved, he could separate himself from his celestial garden, so he found a way to take it in the new House. Exactly these beautiful ornaments are deeply hidden in the design.

downlight plaster skygarden diffuse yellow light

First, the pendant was introduced in 2007 to the Meiländer design fair. 2 years after the variation came to be installed in the ceiling. The Skygarden recessed light fixture becomes the architectural element of the room and lit it with a soft, welcoming light. Compared to a 60 W light bulb is the 50 W lamp blown opal glass ceiling to 30 percent lighter. The small diffuser ensures uniform distribution of light. But, make sure that the recessed ceiling lamp requires a depth of 22.5 cm.

downlight plaster skygarden opaline leuchtkoerper cold white light

Skygarden pendant lamp has also a white painted inside, but the outside surface is available in several colors: matte or glossy in black, white and rust red and gold.

Dimensions Downlight Technical Data Sheet downlight plaster skygarden classical ornaments stuck optics   downlight plaster skygarden halogen floral motifs  downlight plaster skygarden white relief floral decorations downlight plaster skygarden white stucco optics

downlight stucco optics leuchtkoerper opaline

pendelleuchte plaster skygarden bedrooms diffused light

pendelleuchte plaster skygarden black aussenflaeche glossy

pendelleuchte plaster skygarden cold white light kitchen

pendelleuchte plaster skygarden diffused light ceiling lamp

pendelleuchte plaster skygarden kitchen island white black

pendelleuchte plaster skygarden Kitchen White kitchen island dining

pendelleuchte plaster skygarden landhausstil living area

pendelleuchte plaster skygarden Living black aussenflaeche

pendelleuchte plaster skygarden matt black aussenflaeche

pendelleuchte plaster skygarden white inside ornaments

skygarden pendelleuchte chalk white lampshade dining table

white skygarden pendelleuchte plaster diffuse yellow light

white skygarden pendelleuchte stucco relief inside