Recommendations before selling house

Selling a home is always a difficult task, and not just having to detach the spaces we live long lived and where pleasant experiences of our lives, but also because of the real battlefield is the housing market where to get the best price possible should use all possible cards, and here is why we offer 5 recommendations before selling your home , and thus get a higher value added and more potential buyers to ensure the realization of a good business.

Repainting a house for sale
Surely your house has a very attractive color for your taste, but it may not happen the same with the prospective buyer, so one of the almost mandatory to make when putting a property for sale is repainting all the walls , choosing preferably light, neutral tones, allowing the data subject that easily imagine the house with the shades he would prefer.

In addition, a new coat of paint will give your home a fresh look and will see how well maintained it is, points that are very sensitive to any buyer. And of course with this we also include the front of the house , then do not forget that this will provide one of the first and most important impression on customers.

And if your case involves a house with walls papered, it would be preferable that you work to save you future owner having to remove all the wallpaper , which surely made.

Have a garden or patio is a major plus for any property for sale in these days when every day living spaces are reduced more, but if you have neglected green space, with uncut grass, hedges without pruning and many flowers dry, the impression that prospective buyers will probably not be the best. Instead, invest a little time and effort in your garden so that the idea of space that can be wonderful for floriculture, for children to play, or for a meeting with friends outdoors.

For this you do not necessarily get into economic costs, because it is simply tidying up your garden and / or backyard with simple actions like weeding the flowerbeds, mowing, raking leaves, pruning excess branches of a tree, and delete any trace of debris or clutter.

Thorough cleaning of the entire house
Remember that buyers will want to inspect even the smallest corner of your house, whether seeking traces of moisture , cracks in the walls, or are naturally nosy (they always are), so you can not afford to have somewhere unkempt house. Take care especially dusting the furniture, cleaning floors , dusting and ventilate well carpets, remove any musty smell or shortness of breath with dehumidifier and air fresheners, and reducing the clutter that has unfailingly every house, but that helps create a bad impression on buyers, including allowing them to desist in their interest to buy the house.

Adequate lighting
The lighting is very important for buyers to assess the true dimensions of each room and comfortable to inspect the quality of the materials and the structural state. In addition, an unattractive dark room, and can give the impression you’re trying hide any damage or negative trait, so it can be of much help to renew all the bulbs in the most important rooms of the house more power for lights , or even add new light bulbs.