Recycling crafts with old books – 17 great Upcycling ideas

All of us have read or unused old books, which are somewhere at home and take up the available storage space. In most cases, they will even forget and cast after some time in the paper bin. In today’s article, we will introduce tank ring with old books to some creative ideas for recycling which convert them into useful items or beautiful decoration.

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Old books with traces of use have a special look, fits the perfect for apartments are furnished in the classic or rustic style. A beautiful, as well as useful upcycling, is the idea for search books fiddling a wall shelf for the living room or bedroom. A strip of wood is glued between the books side by side to hold horizontally. The design is then attached to shelf support and any decorated. You will find complete instructions at the end of the article.

In most urban apartments, there is never enough storage space for all objects of the inhabitants. You have no library or bookshelf in the apartment, you should not dispose of unused books in any case. With this creative idea, you can convert the book stack into the elegant lamp and take advantage of it.

A few books with hardcover necessary that either has a similar color palette or can make a colorful book stack depend on the desired large your lamp. Next, you need a lamp socket with cable, lamp shade, drills, cutters, screw, and screwdriver. You can use the ready lamp as lamp or bedside lamp.

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Living in a WG or you want to keep just some staff from prying eyes below we went, then it’s time for a DIY project. Take an old thick book with hard cover, cut out the pages in the middle with a box cutter and your hiding place is finished.
Recycling crafts offer many opportunities for your old items. To old book, for example, can be used not only as a hiding place but also as a jewelry box. You should cut out just some subjects from the book pages and decorate the box any. With the upcycling, you can more environmentally friendly living by using again the old things, rather than to buy new.

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Do you want to wear always stylish accessories and differ from the others? With a fashionable clutch from an old book, you can look chic, without having to spend much money in the department store. The book cover, you get arbitrarily, depending on your merits. To find how you can tinker with the clutch from recycling, at the end of the article.

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Recycling crafts produce useful items for every room in the home. From an unused cookbook you can tinker, for example, a cutlery rack for the kitchen, who impressed with his look and is used in everyday life.

The upcycling of a single old book may result in a large wreath as a decoration. The book pages are used for this purpose, where they are shaped into rolls or other custom shapes and glue to each other.

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Old books are perfectly suited to the recycling craft boxes and containers. From a book cover, you can quickly and easily make a sewing box itself. It will be first removed the book pages of the hardcover and then secured their place with a hot glue departments out of plastic or cardboard. You can, therefore, use the box for different purposes.

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The recycling of old books can be used so with new technologies. The represented upcycling idea turns a book stack into iPhone stand for charging. Holes are made in the books and the charging cable is pulled as a result.

With pages, you can make elegant decorations for different purposes. You can spice up to ugly cable and the ordinary lamp shade with recycling, by cutting out the pages in any form and thus decorate the desired location. Keep in mind, however, to dampen the light from the lamp shade this way.

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