Red and yellow as accents in a modern white establishment in Hungary

This bright and friendly apartment in the centre of the city of Budapest in Hungary offers a breathtaking view of the Danube and the Parliament building. But this is by no means all that this breathtaking apartment has to offer. In addition to a state-of-the-art interior design and white design, attractive accents in red and yellow are also part of the interior design, which gives the interior pepp and liveliness. The design is by Margeza Design Studio and can be viewed in the following gallery.

red-and-yellow accents-living room-window front-bench-glass

Both simplicity and extravagance characterise this minimalistic device. The apartment is spread over two floors. This is a duplex. While the first floor accommodates the living room with kitchen and toilet and a guest bedroom with private bathroom, the second floor is the bedroom, as well as an original open bathroom. Red and yellow as accents are used in all rooms here and there, creating a stylish atmosphere that together with the simple lines and shapes of the furniture create a perfect minimalist flair.

Large window fronts guarantee the perfect view over the city, with a glass seat allowing you to relax by the window. Here, yellow furniture and decorative accessories can be found, which create variety in the rooms with white walls, white tiles and a white ceiling. In addition, there is lush vegetation like the vertical garden, which forms an accent wall and guarantees a more lively atmosphere in the urban environment.

red-and-yellow-dining area Round-dining table-chairs-vase-deco-modern red-and-yellow-furniture-chair-roof slant-minimalist-device red-and-yellow-kitchen-white-minimalist decorations and white-wall design red-and-yellow-sofa-canapé-and-white vertical-garden-houseplant red-yellow floor plan apartment-top-floor-living room-guest toilet Red-yellow- interior-setting-table-cover-crockery-modern-dessert red-yellow-bad-idea-shower-detached-bathtub-marble-accent wall red-yellow-bathroom-mirror-wash cabinet-modern-spacious red-yellow-bedroom-second-floor-bonsai-skylight red-yellow-bedside-round-retro-flair-laminate-newspaper stands red-yellow-carpet-design-white-blue-river-plain-living accessory red-yellow-house-built-in wardrobe-staircase-bin-small apartment red-yellow-house-design-second-floor-comfort-city-urban red-yellow-outlook-panorama-budapest-parliament-night-Danube red-yellow-stair-shelf Colorful Decorations-mirror-glass red-yellow-white-guest room-wardrobe-colorful-pillows-deco-houseplant