Refined lighting concept for the house – Artwork daylight and artificial light

The lighting design of great importance is the setting up of the building or apartment. Lack of light or missing light source can totally destroy the atmosphere. But with the Appropriate lighting concept for the House, every room in the right light can move. This includes not only the modern and functional lighting options, so but the successful use and control of natural light.

Outlook bedrooms gable roof glass balcony railings

We now present a beautiful example for successful lighting concepts in a private residence in Malibu, the United States.

bathroom wc washbasin gray white lighting concept

The montée Karp House is located on a steep slope overlooking the Pacific Ocean and covers on area of 2200 square meters. The project includes extensive to redesign and adapts to the environment and the lifestyle in the 21st century. The existing roof geometry is accentuated and there are faceted surfaces has been created. The front façade display to the side runs diagonally and defined the interiors, Which leads to a dematerialisation of roof, wall and floor surfaces. This perspective has the goal to frame exceptional views of the Bay of Santa Monica.

denster glass bathroom shower bath terrazzo floor

The minimalist, gallery-like living room be the new home for the extensive collection of contemporary art of the customers. Exhibition niches, accent lighting, and the configuration of the rooms are designed in a way that will enhance the experience When looking at the objects of art.

bedroom roof sloping gray wall panels cool white led strip

The staircase consists of floating steel steps, Which are provided with a personalized laser-cut pattern. The light from the skylight is filtered through the levels and projected fascinating pictures on the walls and the floor.

dining area wood dining table glass front tarrazzo ground

door lateral axis of rotation steel light filtering

floating stairs steel white laser-cut light-shadow play

front door lighting oblique position stainless steel

front yard garage shrubs white façade

home office recessed narrow window viewpointsystem white wall color spot

housewife sunlight lighting concept lighting

kitchen white high gloss handleless wood bar stool

lighting concept bedrooms graywhite cool white light

lighting concept house daylight white steel staircase step

lighting concept house skylight roof windows stairs

lighting concept housewife front door lighting

living room grey white glass front seascape

reading corner bookshelves skylight leather armchair sunlight

floor plan house architecture basement garage floor plan of upstairs space distribution