Refreshing decorative ideas

I propose a series of refreshing our home decorating ideas. Fabric, paint, recycled parts, paper … At this point anything goes, especially if you know how to leverage things.


1st. Straight Flush:
This is a really simple and original thought. If you have a ladder and you’re not sure how to decorate it, I suggest a straight Corlo. To do this you have to choose several or kilim rugs (of different colors and prints) and is getting just one after another.

2nd. A guest bathroom:
You can decorate this: for walls, paint a base, and the rest, floral wallpaper, right on the corner, a cantilevered countertop Cristala with round steel sink and faucet antique design.

3rd. Decor in the kitchen:
It is not mandatory that the kitchen is decorated with tiles only. There are other options. For example, you can decorate with paint and wallpaper.

4th. Plant in spring:
It’s spring, warm weather and the flowers are in their prime, especially bulbs. In this way can be utilized to decorate the whole house and putting plants in different locations. For this you can use parts of your dishes like pot and place on a beautiful tray.

5th. Attractive decor in the window:
A window of our home can earn a lot of life to the next decor. So, I recommend putting on the windowsill a mixture of vases and sculptures. Perfect and original.

6th. Racks in single file:
It’s about using a flower-shaped hangers on the wall. If they get in the received, the whole family will hang their clothes. In addition, you can place a long bench with baskets above and below to save. Order and decoration will be achieved.