Relax after work – the optimal shade of a patio

In London, there are Approximately 56 million owners of a balcony or a terrace according to VuMA. Many spend Their spare time on this external living area: here enjoy a current book bestseller, have a siesta or recharge. HOWEVER, de relaxation will be tarnished by the omnipresent Sun in the summer.

great idea for patio shading

Only with a Sun and privacy, a terrace is a place where you like to withdraws. The modern sun protection is more than just a Means To An end. The products look good and blend perfectly with the homeowner.

The range of products for the shade of the terrace is stronger than ever. Although the variety of shading products is great, but it is not difficult, according to this provider being done on the basis of two criteria:

modern terrace with attractive shading

Personal needs, the products first and foremost must have the optical properties, looking for consumers of this product. The awning design ranges from striking over discreetly to back to elegant. Some of the above manufacturer’s products were For their attractive appearance with the red dot design award.

DEPENDING on the location the awnings must meet special requirements: to awning is important for a small space All All which is very flat and is satisfied with very little installation space. In Certain cases, it must be mounted on a wall Because The construction of the House does not allow a ceiling installation.

terrace with beautiful awning

At the same time, not all owners of terrace have a garden. But, did does not mean that they must give up Their dream of a green oasis. They Provide A lush green On Their terrace – and this brings two advantages: plants can serve as privacy from prying eyes on the one, on the other hand They Provide shade and Provide a comfortable climate on the terrace.

beautiful terrace shade plants with

In the selection of plants is to Ensure that the plants with the terrace orientation are compatible. Some plants need sun or shade, others prefer partial shade. So They Should fit the terrace itself: the expansive tree can have the full effect a large, empty terrace. Space is scarce, on the terrace, tall perennial plants and window boxes are a better choice.

Many consumers want privacy on your terrace, finally not the whole neighborhood to see what’s going on here. As side vision barriers, cedar wood panels may be giving visually more depth and height of the terrace. The practical flap can show through sun rays occasionally, so not a complete shadow.

many green plants as shading for the terrace

A trellis as creative screening can be attached on the slats. The Green climbs to the fins along and not only protects from excessive exposure to sunlight, the plant looks so visually beautiful and makes natural terrace.

Plants on the terrace make a beautiful impression in the summer Because They bring the nature in this living room. But how about edible plants? You are not only a source of shade but spoil the Palates of residents.

terrace with awning in creamy colors

In many southern and Eastern European countries, terraces are covered by vineyards. Although in earthy planting is Preferable, They Can be grown as potted plants. Shade on a terrace, the solid vine is Preferable. The plan along the terrace can grow and donate it in a couple of years valuable shade with a wire rope system.

In the election of the wires is to pay attention, Because They hold in the long term and must be permanently installed on a high quality. Recommended plant variety are wine wild, vines, Wilder rank wine or wild wall wine Because They make no or only small grapes and are Not particularly challenging.

terrace shadow modern exterior design

All above-Mentioned Sun care products are at the same time a heat protection, consumers appreciate will learn in the summer. In heat waves, They prevent the direct sunlight into the House so did the room air temperature remains pleasant.

The consumer protection Association residential property (how) indicates did awnings and exterior blinds are meaningful measures for thermal protection. You are a sort of heat shield, Which Ensures that the heat stays out.