Remodeling your home happily with these steps

While television programs are fun and inspiring remodeling processes in real life become, in many cases, a nightmare. Remodeling takes more time and involves more effort than the ‘back stage’ shows. But do not be discouraged, do remodeling is easy if you take into account the organization and some basic measures following we list.


Experts of NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) explain the basic steps to achieve the dream of making a successful remodel:

1. Evaluate your needs: What are your main objectives? Your priorities will drive all decisions on the budget, style, products and more. So take this step takes some time and you talk to your family.


Two. Set a kitchen AC: While the repairs are done you will have to have another operation center for cooking, suitable corner of your house to install a stove and some basic travel kitchen accessories with you will release some pressure so that the new kitchen is ready.

Three. Set a budget: Determine how much you can actually invest in the project and how you will pay for each service. Stop by the store to check the prices of products, taking into account that the installation can be about 17 percent of your budget.

April. Find an Expert: profesonales Interview several before choosing one. Believe it not choose one friendly will make the task easier, also must identify with your project and understand the scope you want it to have.

May. Ends the layout and design of space: The expert you hire insurance have many ideas of how to do it, each with different budget implications. Your notes on how you want to use your space, where would roadblocks and how you work best in the kitchen traffic.


6. Decide the style: To define the style that will have your new kitchen should observe journals, attend showrooms, home shows and take note of the items that you like to talk with an expert about how you could realize those tastes and combine them with the overall decor of your home .

7. Question about ventilation: Approach the expert and ask about the best options for ventilation, as if the kitchen does not have the essential fats to eliminate odors and ventilation, these can affect air quality for your family.


8. Choose the right products: You can have a long list of products to buy, but you must not lose sight of the budget for a moment. Choose what you really need, appliances with more than one, more pleasing to the eye, function guarantees durderos materials and easy to apply.

9. Plan the installation: Note that you’ll have to look for electricians, plumbers, tilers, carpenters, etc.. Installation of basic kitchen systems that also have to supervise their work, so do yourself the time to do this.


10. Relax and enjoy: The coming years will pleasure try all new appliances to make sure they work properly and you decided to send them to preserve service, this will free you from things that do not work and they just take up space.